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Frigid and ultra-hot temperatures to heal your body

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Heat and ice have long been used to treat inflammation, swelling and pain.

You may want to forego the ice pack and heat pad, because extreme temperatures are used now more than ever for treating a variety of ailments.

Fernando Vega, owner of Hydr8 and Cryo XL in Sarasota explained that all his staff administering Cryotherapy have to participate in a certification course.

Vega said, "impact came down to Sarasota and when the machine was delivered and they trained us for two-days, to learn, operate and handle the machine, and once that was done we all got certified."

Vega, who also went to medical school added that Hydr8 and Cryo XL has an M.D. on staff added that certification is all about safety.

"You are dealing with the persons human body, you're bringing their core down from their normal temperature down to 47-degrees for three minutes.temperatures."Said Vega.

Sara Taylor of Fusion therapy said that while cold therapy works for many ailments, some like it hot

Taylor explained. "The infrared sauna is really great for anybody looking to detox, or get rid of the flu very quickly, it actually goes into your body and deeply penetrates the tissues."

It gets pretty hot in the infra red sauna, a 160-degrees but typically when you first start off the temperature will be set at 140. You can go 3-4 days a week and each session is about 35-45 minutes said Taylor.

Taylor added, "infra red therapy is really great for anyone with muscle pains, back issues, anyone looking to get comfort from the infra red heaters.

Alex Hughes, manager of Fusion Therapy said that while some like it sweet, others like it salty.

"Our dry salt therapy rooms are covered from floor to ceiling in dry salt therapy. This room is three times more sterile than a surgical room, because like the dead sea, nothing can live in it."

Hughes who also partakes in the salt therapy said Fusion Therapy offers a salt room specially for children, and explained how the treatments have helped her.

"The salt has been a huge relief for all my respiratory problems. I've had allergies." said Hughes.

Hughes added that It only took a couple of weeks to alleviate her allergy symptoms.

"I can breathe. I feel great and it's really been a huge help," said Hughes.

For information on Cryotherapy you can check out Hydr9 and Cryo XL''s Facebook page.

Fusion Therapy's Facebook page offers information on infrared sauna and Dead Sea salt therapy.