Flu season could be peaking soon on the Suncoast

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The Centers for Disease Control says the the total number of states reporting widespread activity is up to 35.

But, Florida is still in the low category, reasons could be that older residents are getting the flu shot, but you may be surprised at at the hospital with symptoms

But, here on the Suncoast its who is getting the flu that's alarming, said Marilee Arnold, R.N., Director of the ER at Doctors Hospital of Sarasota.

"We're seeing that younger people than expected are starting to show that they're testing positive for the flu, so people that are normal working age, like twenties, thirties, forties." Said Arnold.

These people are busy, she explained, and she is concerned. "We're finding that they are developing the flu and often developing complications like severe pneumonia because they're not treating it in time."

Untreated flu can develop into significant illness.

You can develop pneumonia, become septic, and have wide spread blood infection that puts you in intensive care. The flu can even cause death.

if you do get sick, antiviral medications are a good treatment, particularly for those at high risk for complications. But, the flu shot and good sanitary habits are your best defense.

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