Florida State University Professor says carbs may not be the best idea before a race

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TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) -- Before a big race many runners will load up with carbs for extra energy. However, a new paper published by Florida State University Assistant Professor Michael Ormsbee and his Human Performance and Sports Nutrition Lab disputes the old tradition of carb-loading.

According to the study, carbs do work but there have been no significant research on other food groups to compare and contrast effectiveness.

"Carbs have been the focus for endurance runners but some new research and some anecdotal evidence suggests that higher fat diets may actually work before exercise to improve metabolism and possibly health and performance," Ormsbee said.

Baur said there was plenty of information available extolling the virtues of protein consumption post workout, but when it came to pre workout fuel, the information dried up.

"Everything you read right now is saying protein is good, but they've never taken a deep look at how it can affect your body before a workout or competition," Baur said. "The main finding was that more research is needed."