Five steps to stop catararacts

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1. Diet. Maintain a healthy diet - The 70/30 diet, is 70 percent raw living organic food and 30 organic that is cooked. Also, avoid white sugar, corn fructose, fruit juice concentrates, and milk sugar.

2. Stay hydrated - It is essential to stay hydrated to keep your body operating at the best of its ability. The Institute of Medicine states men should drink approximately 3.7 liters of water per day and women should have roughly 2.7 liters.

3. Check Lead Levels - Cataracts are linked to heavy metals in your system, such as lead. Chelation therapy is essential to remove heavy metals. One therapy per month is recommended.

4. Cineraria Eye Drops - These homeopathic drops are available over-the-counter. The drops have proven effective in preventing the development of cataracts. Use one to two drops in the eye, three to six times daily.

5. Reduce stress - Stress has a negative effect on our bodies, leading to illness and poor health. Exercise, mediation, microcurrent stress therapy and light therapy are great ways to reduce your stress.

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