Fitness routine getting old? Try these unique Suncoast workouts for the New Year.

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One of the biggest new years resolutions is to get fit. But, you don't have to do the run-of-the-mill workout.

Its that time again. We pledge to hit the gym with a vengeance, we go religiously for the first couple of weeks, then gradually taper off. So, if you're tired of the same old fitness routine you may want to check out some of these workouts right here in our community.

Pilates enthusiast alert!!! Mantra is a Lagree fitness workout which really works on lengthening , strengthening toning every muscle in your body of your muscles.

This group class has a club like atmosphere and can accommodate eleven people on mega-formers machines. "Its working against tension with all the different springs so you can actually make this your own workout no matter who you are." Said Lagree instructor Rachel Hautamaki.

Student Lori Rosenfeld said she doesn't worry about being injured. "The instructor comes over to make sure you're properly aligned." Said Rosenfeld. And, she is committed to going through the New Year.

Fly your way to fitness at Circusoul Yoga and you may end up with more than a fitness benefit, said owner/Instructor Kerry Tice. "The people in the circus have the sexiest bodies, so why wouldn't you want to do Flying Yoga." And dont let this fun, challenging workout scare you. He said, "It great for anyone, and it also takes out a lot of the compression that you have in normal fitness, you're able to do really advances poses right away."

If faith, food, fitness, focus and friends are what you seek in your wellness program, then the Daniel Plan offers group exercise, books and CD's with a focus on nutrition, exercise and spirituality, all under the guidance of a personal trainer/coach and a physician.

Vilma Vega, M.D. an infectious disease physician, lost more than 63 -pounds in a year with the Daniel Plan, she now offers the plan at the Christian Family Church in Sarasota.

"As a woman of faith I have decided to try the plan after many failed other plans that Ive tried in the past." Said Connie Young. She believes the plan will work for her.

DJ Lambert says the program changed her life. "Before I started doing this I felt in terrible shape, i had aches and pains, I had a poor diet, I wasn't able to exercise." She said.

Lambert's one of the converted. "I'm fifty one and I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life, I've lost weight and I eat a better diet, and I can do activities that I wasn't able to do for many years." Said Lambert.

You may have heard of CrossFit!

Trainer/Instructor Matt Saeler of CrossFit Real Fitness Sarasota said, "It takes everything that's great about fitness and ties it all into one, so your going to get your cardio, your going to get your strength training."

The high intensity time effective exercises can be modified, but on this day the uber-fit showed up. "But," said Saeler, "CrossFit's good for any fitness level."

And if all this is a bit too much for you, Grant Beat and his daughter Julia prefer to land paddle. "They think we're off our rockers." Said Beatt. "Its a great core workout just like paddle boarding does, and just great fun running around on the asphalt."

His daughter agreed.

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