Fit, healthy and fabulous at fifty

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First Lady Michelle Obama's health and fitness continues to be a much talked about topic as she turns fifty tomorrow.

Her outspoken views on nutrition and lifestyle are no secret. And, she has perhaps raised the bar for other women of a certain age. Although she may be known as much for her healthy lifestyle and her mission to inspire the nation to adopt the same, how possible for other women turning fifty to achieve her health and fitness level?

Lets look at some things we may have in common with her. She is a busy wife, mother, pet owner and some may say, fashion icon. (Well, maybe we aren't all known as fashion icons.) And, as she turns fifty, Michelle Obama also starts her sixth year as first lady,(This may not be common ground either) But, she manages to stay fit, and healthy.

"Like most of us, she's very busy in her personal and professional life, she has to set priorities, we all do." Said Jessica Babare, DO, of Cardiovascular Solutions Institute in Bradenton.

There is no magic solution to being fabulous at fifty, but there are three top tips.

Dr. Babare advocates eating a diet loaded with fruits and vegetables, staying fit, keeping an active lifestyle, and managing stress.

And now the first lady may be trading some hard core cardio for a Namaste!

Nancy Zampella of Yoga Libre in Sarasota said, "I think it smart that Michelle Obama decided to shift her focus to yoga now that she's turning fifty because I think being strong after fifty means something different than it meant before."

For many turning 50 means more responsibility which can be overwhelming. Zampella said Yoga may be the solution to stress. "Yoga can help you figure out how to manage all of those different balls up in the air." And, she has something else in common with Mrs Obama. "I feel better at 50 than I did at twenty nine." Said Zampella.

She attributes this to her healthy lifestyle, and if you think you don't have time to be healthy, Dr. Babare said you don't have time to be unhealthy. "That's going to take far more time" said Babare "Spending time at the doctor going to the hospital, having diseases that make you weak and tired."

Dr. Babare also advocates getting plenty of sleep and incorporating things that bring you joy. She said, "You only have twenty four hours a day and leading a healthy lifestyle makes those twenty four hours more worthwhile and rewarding."

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