Fat reduced fries! But, what are the health risks?

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French fries bring to mind calorie laden, fattening guilty pleasures, but, Burger Kings new Satisfries, reduced-fat crinkle-cut fries may be a game changer in the world of fast food, or are they?

Bonni London, MS, RD of London Wellness in Sarasota said, "I get concerned because I think, well, what are they replacing the low fat with, and every time I hear reduced calorie, low fat I think red flag, because typically you are replacing it with something else which could be more harmful"

So, what's the secret ingredient?

"Potatoes and partially hydrogenated soy bean oil those are the main ingredients, and of course salt." said London and she explained, the thinly-battered potatoes absorb less oil.

Both regular and crinkle cut fries are made with partially hydrogenated soy bean oil and that may present health risks even for those not concerned with calories.

"They take the soy bean oil but they change the chemical compound of the soy bean oil to increase the shelf life" said London, "We are just beginning to understand health implications of partially hydrogenated oil which contains trans fats." Trans Fats may contribute to heart disease, cancer and increasing rates of obesity."

Another concern is when you eat low fat products you take in less calories, but you may crave then eat more to get satisfaction. "People are going to think that, oh, this is lower in calories so then I can have the thousand calorie double triple whopper" Said London and she would definetely recommend Satisfries over traditional fries, because it makes sense.

London says "Their new low fat French fries contain thirty percent less fat and twenty percent less calories than their regular version."

They are also forty-percent less fat and thirty-percent less calories than McDonald's fries. The crinkle fries cost thirty-cents more than regular fries, meaning you will actually be paying a little more for less.

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