Falling Televisions Hurt Children more often than you would think

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A new study finds more than 17,000 children are treated in emergency rooms every year for injuries related to televisions. but, there are ways that you can protect your child.

An unattended television can be a hidden danger to your child. the most common injuries are from the TV falling off the stand or entertainment center and children under the age of five sustain the most injuries. some resulting in disability or even death.

Another recent study that was done by Safe Kids Worldwide indicates that on Average every three weeks, one child dies as a result of a TV tip over.  The average household has three televisions and the old cathode ray TV's, or CRT's often end up in the kids room on top of a dresser.

Jean Shoemaker, Outreach Coordinator of SafeKids led by All Children's Hospital said, "Make sure that you don't have things that are attractive to the children like toys, candy and remote controls sitting on top the piece of furniture on which the TV is located."

Kids are resourceful and may pull the furniture or TV on top of them to reach for a toy. This can result in disaster.

"You can suffer a cervical spine injury, or even a cord injury," said, Frederick Romano, DO of Doctors Hospital of Sarasota, " but it could in fact result in death or at least permanent disability."

A Forty two inch tv flat screen can become a weapon if its not anchored properly.

He explained, "The head injuries themselves depend on the size of the TV, how high it is up on the wall, or, if its on a stand, and if you know what part actually fell on top of them, they could suffer skull fractures."

To avoid potential accidents, look for the proper hardware that's available and install it appropriately.

Shoemaker said, "A strap that is installed on the back of the TV and then is installed either to the piece of furniture on which the TV sits, or can be anchored to."

One installation tip often overlooked when installing the anchoring hardware, make sure that you hit a stud and not just the wall. But, if your child does sustain an injury call 911 first, let them see your child, and let them make sure that the child's OK, if they feel the need to transport they'll bring them right to the hospital.

For more information on how to keep your kids safe go to the Safekids website.

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