Fall mold allergies, they can do more than make you sneeze

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Pumpkins, hay bales and cornstalks are a great way to get into the fall spirit, but, mold allergies can really put a damper on all the fun.

Mold allergies cause the usual host of symptoms, itchy eyes, runny nose, nasal congestion and a decrease in smell.

Research has shown these types of allergy symptoms may decrease sexual function too and can cause fatigue from a restless and congested night’s sleep.

If you’ve spent time outdoors, experts say it’s a good idea to shower, change and wash your clothes to remove mold spores and if your allergies are making you miserable, avoid triggers all together.

If mold allergies bother you, try treating them now. Avoidance and over the counter medicines, like non-sedating antihistamines, are a good place to start. if those don’t help, there are prescription treatments available too.

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