Existing health insurance policys may now change under the ACA

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Lawmakers spent time today grilling Secretary Sebelius about statements made by President Obama. Specifically, that American's can keep their current health insurance plans. But, many people are now finding out otherwise. So, how do you determine if you can keep your current plan?

Thousands of Floridians continue to receive letters informing them of plan cancellations. The information may be confusing to many but there is some clarity as requirements to continue with current providers now require plans be re-written with ten affordable care act benefits that are non negotiable.

"With the affordable care act, each new insurance policy has to include ten essential benefits." Said Lynn Ryan, Center Director of Florida Blue in Sarasota. This is why Florida Blue policy holders are receiving letters "They're being moved to new types of plans." She said.

Those whose policies don't meet the criteria of the affordable care act are being offered new plans containing the ten essential and mandatory benefits. Ryan said, "The first three are ambulatory, which is out patient services emergency room visits as well as hospitalization." For families and those wanting children she added, "There's maternity and newborn care which is new and required in every single policy as well as pediatric vision and dental."

If you are concerned about medication these are now included said Ryan. "Every plan now has prescription drug coverage as well as mental health and and substance abuse." Ryan expanded, "Laboratory services as well as preventative and wellness services are now included."

The last ones required to be included in all policies are rehabilitative and habilitative services.

Ryan explained, "Rehabilitative if someone's in an accident and they injure their arm that will help them get the use back. habilitative is if someone was born without the use of the arm."

"We'll be able to sit down with you with all of the new benefits and tailor make a plan that is going to benefit you." said Ryan.

You can try to log onto the exchange to compare prices, and of course health insurance agents from many providers are ready to give comps. But, for now, even if you love your policy, if it doesn't cover the ACA ten, you will have to add, switch or perhaps pay a fine.

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