Estrogen may be the culprit for mens unwanted side effects of middle-age, a new study finds.

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A bulging waistline, lack of energy and low libido are considered symptoms of men with low testosterone. Now, studies find estrogen may have to take part ownership for contributing to conditions men have come to accept as a normal part of aging.  A combination of low estrogen not only low testosterone may be the the culprit of middle-aged men's woes.

Jim Derespino, M.D. of Center for Men's Health in Sarasota said, "One study conducted at Mass general was trying to determine if it is testosterone or estrogen that impacts middle age, mid-gut,male fat-accumulation."

Indications are that low estrogen may play more a part in middle age spread than the testosterone, but estrogen levels in men are poorly understood

"Every man converts a little of the testosterone in his body to estrogen so naturally as testosterone levels fall as middle age past approaches your body makes less testosterone therefore less estrogen." Said Dr. Derspino.

Researchers found testosterone deficiency was considered nearly the sole reason men undergo familiar physical complaints of midlife, until now.

Dr. Derespino said, "Now in the past we would never check a man with low testosterone to see what his estrogen level is because ti really would make no difference since we're going to fix it if it was low."  He explained, "By replacing the testosterone you increase the testosterone in the body which increases the conversion of estrogen so the estrogen levels increase."

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