Educated people recover from brain injury better?

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People with more years of education may be better able to recover from a traumatic brain injury, according to a recent study.

The study examined 769 people 23 years old and up with moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries. Participants were grouped by education level. Of the participants, 185 people did not finish high school, 390 had 12 to 15 years of education, and 194 had at least an undergraduate degree or at least 16 years of education.

One year after their injury, 219 participants were able to return to work or school. Only 23 people of those with no high school diploma were free of disability, compared to 136 with some college education and 76 with a college degree.

“People with education equal to a college degree were more than seven times more likely to fully recover from their injury than people who did not finish high school [and] people with some college education were nearly five times more likely to fully recover than those without enough education to earn a high school diploma,” study author Eric B. Schneider, PhD, of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, was quoted as saying. “Exploring these relationships will hopefully help us to identify ways to help people recover better from traumatic brain injury.”

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