Diet soda is overtaking the real thing in ad campaigns, but, it may not help you lose weight

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You may think twice about picking up that diet soda.

the fake sugar called aspartame -- might not be much better and may be worse for you than the real thing according to many.

Now, Coca -Cola is fighting back against that school of thought with a new ad.

Those of us watching our weight may notice diet sodas are replacing the real thing on many ad campaigns. this is no surprise and may be in response to the obesity epidemic. but, now a study finds these diet drinks powered by artificial sweeteners including aspartame, may be the problem, and not the solution

Diet soda sales are up, and sales of sugary, sweet soft drinks are on the decline, but isnt the fake sweet stuff better for you than the real thing? Not so said Fred Harvey, M.D. of the Harvey Center for Integrative Medicine.

"Aspartame is not more healthful than sugar, Sugar is much more healthful than Aspartame, it's a natural substance that we use as fuel." He explained why the product wont help you lose weight ,"Actually they're not designed to help you loose weight, they're designed to trick your taste buds into thinking that you're getting sugar."

And this may work against your body. "The mind responds to these sugary sensations," he said, "as if you've ingested sugar and and sets in motion a bunch of chemical reactions in the brain in the nervous system that actually make your body think that its ingested the sugar so then it starts to metabolize that way."

Aspartame containing products don't satiate you, which makes you want to eat and drink more right afterwards, and, there are other health concerns.

"As the liver metabolizes it turns to formaldehyde and formaldehyde's a toxin that we use to preserve and kill things so it actually cab kill some cells in your liver and your brain as its being metabolized."

Taste may be another reason the real thing may still be the first choice of many. And if figuring out which is best for you is too much work, there's always the alternative, H20.

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