Diabetes and the warning signs in kids

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Diabetes is often called the silent killer, but there are signs that many people simply don't know to look out for in a child, and you can use them to take control of their health.

There are nearly 26 million people in the United States with diabetes, that's about one in every twelve people, and for many, there are seemingly no warning signs.

But, there are a couple of lessor known warning signs that you should be aware of. If a child that is potty trained starts wetting the bed, becomes constipated, or has a change of energy. Recurrent boils on the skin can also signify a problem.

For girls, a warning sign can be if a five or six-year-old develops recurrent vaginal infections, that could be a red flag.

Numbers show that of the 25.8-million people in the u-s with diabetes, seven-million have not been diagnosed yet. alarming statistics, but doctors remain optimistic.

Sarasota Memorial offers a free education and support group, and SFC is hosting an upcoming World Diabetes Day Symposium on November 9th at the Lakewood Ranch location, Call(941) 907–0811 for more information.

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