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Depression and suicide numbers rise among teen girls

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A study of more than 170-thousand adolescents published in the Journal Pediatrics finds a rise in cases of major depression among all adolescents from about nine-percent in 2005 to about 11-percent in 2014.

Research also finds that trend may be strongest in teenage girls.

Depression is a key factor in suicides. 

The World Health Organization, (WHO) finds suicide the number one cause of death for adolescent girls, and the journal Pediatrics finds suicide in the U.S. at a greater increase among adolescents and young women.

Osprey resident Dana Dale, mother of six, explained teenagers go through mood changes which may include depression.

"We have the teenage years, and it's being able to manage the mind, moods and attitudes of growing into adulthood for them." Said Dale.

Dales two daughter's are  Pine View students.  Rachel is 17 and Abigail 13. Both said there are pressures that may cause adolescent girls to be depressed. Rachel said "I think it definitely is maybe their body, or guys, like feeling rejected by a guy, or ending a relationship with a guy that triggers depression.

Younger sister Abigail said. "I feel like girls have this higher standard of always having to be pretty for everyone and it does make them very anxious and depressed."

Rachel Dale described what she said may be signs of depression among her peers. "They wont talk as much, or they don't hang out with us as much, or they just have a more negative outlook on life." Said Rachel. And she added that she tries to help her friends by being there for them. "I usually talk to them, and I'll send them texts or ask them out to lunch or yoga." Said Dale.

Dana Dale's two oldest children are now in college, she said maturity helps them pass through the depressive stages of adolescence.

"Everyone goes through the growing pains of life." said Dale.

Research finds more studies are needed to understand why depression is increasing fastest among teenage girls, and more needs to be done to improve access to depression care for all young people.