Cotton ball diet hazardous to your health.

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Hey moms, this ones for you.

You may want to check the medicine cabinet to see if anythings missing, because, cotton balls dipped in orange juice are the latest extreme, fad diet to hit the web.

This latest quest to be model thin may cause big medical problems. Frederick Romano, D.O. of Doctor's Hospital of Sarasota said, "It can be like swallowing a sock, or like a roll of gauze or something like that, I've see patients who've swallowed these things and they end up with bowel obstructions."

If you swallow enough of the fuzzy juice soaked balls, you could end up in the E.R.

"It can form into a mechanical obstruction inside your abdomen that wont allow anything to pass through and you'll end up in surgery." Said Romano. The cotton ball could block the opening to the appendix causing inflammation. "If one of these were to lodge in the opening you could basically induce appendicitis." He concluded.

These are all extreme cases, but, you open yourself up to that by swallowing a cotton ball to fill yourself up. Eating, rather than wearing what some call the fabric of our lives may cause other problems and, without enough calories, protein or fat the body starts to break down.

ER Medical Director Marilee Arnold said, "Their body can go into starvation mode." She added, "Muscle deterioration and loss, fat loss which can start to create more and more health problems."

And, there could be secondary conditions say Dr. Romano, "You could die either from excessive vomiting, a bowel obstruction, a perforation."

Still, some may not be scared enough to stay away from or stop trying this dangerous fad diet. "If ones enough, two's enough, three. How many is enough to get you filled up so you wont want to eat?" Said Dr. Romano.

Because of the lack of calories and fat, people trying this unhealthy diet will lose weight, but they wont lose fat only water weight and while there is great pressure to be model thin its not worth the price of your health