Chocolate and red wine may not provide health benefits

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A new study finds the antioxidant resveratrol found in red wine, chocolate, and grapes was not associated with longevity or decrease in heart disease or cancer incidence.

Preliminary evidence suggests resveratrol may have anti-inflammatory effects, prevent cancer, and decrease blood vessel stiffness.  So, researchers at johns hopkins school of medicine studied the effects of resveratrol on nearly 800 men and women 65-years and older.

Urine samples were used to measure their resveratrol levels every 24 hours for 9 years.  Results show during that time 34 percent of the people died, 27% of them developed heart disease, and 5% developed cancer regardless of their resveratrol level.

Researchers say resveratrol does not have a substantial influence on heart disease, cancer, inflammation, or longevity.

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