Boosting I-V-F Success

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If you’re thinking about In Vitro Fertilization, or I-V-F, you may be wondering if there are ways to boost your chances of getting pregnant.

Dr. Cynthia Austin a fertility expert of Cleveland Clinic said the process is tough but perseverance can pay off. “Even when we put back the best quality embryos, the chance of pregnancy’s only about 50%." She said, "That’s like flipping a coin. And, you know, you can flip a coin three times and have it come up tails each time before it finally came up heads. So sometimes it’s being able to hang in there long enough to let it work.“

I-V-F is not a guaranteed process, but there are a few things you can do to give yourself the best odds possible.

“Being at a normal weight is important. Being too heavy and being too thin are not good for reproduction." Said Dr. Austin, she continued, "Smoking is terrible for reproduction. For one thing, it advances the rate at which ovaries age so not smoking in your youth may mean that you will be more fertile as you get older.“

Stress and anxiety is common when going through I-V-F, but, it does not impact pregnancy rates, however stress reduction can make the process more bearable.

“From the point of view of being able to pursue fertility treatment in a continued and sustained way," Said Dr. Austin, "it is easier if couples do anything they’re able to to diminish their stress.”

Dr. Austin reminds us that as a woman approaches her 40’s the quantity and quality of her eggs declines, making it more difficult to become pregnant, even with I-V-F.