Back to school health check list

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School is just one week away and amid the busy rush to get supplies and clothing, there is also a health checklist to worry about.

The list is long. Sarasota pediatrician, Dr. Suzanne Southerland of Paradise Pediatrics said, ""Diptheria, tetanus, and pertusis vaccines, as well as a polio vaccine should have been administered already, which is given as a combination vaccine that you can have."

These are the immunization series your child will need prior to starting kindertarden...and there's more. "Your MMR and your varicella vaccine which is your measles, mumps and rubella as well as your chicken pox vaccine."

Lauren Schuth of Forty Carrots Family Center said, "There's head lice, there is chicken pox, all kinds of things like that." These can be contracted from one child to another. She added, "Even over the summer, a lot of families went camping, poison ivy, things like that."

If you've stayed up to date, the next set of vaccines called the tetanus booster will have to be done before seventh grade The T-dap is tetanus, diphtheria and now includes the pertussis vaccine."

So, the vaccine for whooping cough isn't just for babies anymore

Dr. Southerland said, "Whooping cough has now been shown to be one of the carriers as adults and adolescence are actually the highest risk for our infants who are not immunized."

Youi may want to give the school a list of any food or environmental allergies your chilld has and let them know of any health issues or medical conditions along with any special needs, medications or concerns.

Click here for information on the vaccines your child may need

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