Baby seats with iPAD holders? How young is too young?

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A new infant seat featuring an iPAD holder is sparking debate with Suncoast moms and parenting educators over how young is too young to spend time with technology.

Its not unusual to see a first grader helping grandma with her iPHONE, or a middle-schooler programming their parents PC, but are we pushing it when we strap our baby into a seat with an iPAD fixed in front of them.

"I just think that it's a terrible idea, especially being that its marketed for infants." Said one Sarasota mom. She added, I have a friend that has a two-year old, that he had an iPAD addiction, and she literally had to break him of wanting this Ipad and screaming for it."

The Newborn to Toddler Apptivity Seat by Fisher Price features an iPAD holder to engage the youngest of future techies, but these Suncoast moms said kids don't need to be exposed to technology at such a tender age.

But others say there is a benefit "I think its a good tool, I think that the kids will be entertained, As long as there is maybe some limitation to how long they're watching it."

The seats free APPS created under the guidance of child development experts time do out after 10-12 minutes, but Forty Carrots parenting educator Rebecca Leader said that may not be enough. "Negative would be using it as a baby sitter," she said, "Using it too much like if it has a time off at ten minutes if you're restarting it again immediately after that so its lasting for twenty or thirty minutes."

The American Pediatric Association says children two and under should have limited amount of any kind of screen time.

"But with proper monitoring," Said Leader, "There are benefits to interactive technology." She explained. "They get a lot of mental and physical stimulation by making the cow moo on the screen, books kind of come alive, that sort of thing."

There are several other high-tech geared for baby products on the market and it is up to parents to decide if these are the right fit for their family.

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