Agreement is reached for claim by thousands who received DePuy hip implants

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Big news for thousands of people who received a metal on metal hip replacement.

Johnson & Johnson says it will pay 2.5 billion dollars to settle lawsuits brought by patients who say their hip replacement was faulty.  The agreement settles cases and offers hope to patients who had the faulty implant removed or replaced.

Suncoast resident Sharon Kasper had her hip replaced in 2008 using a DePuy ASR implant, she said. "I was told that I was getting a state of the art titanium, all titanium hip, and it was designed for people like me that were very active, and had many many years to go, and that it would last me forever." She added.  "They said there were no risks, it was the best thing since sliced bread."

She started experienced symptoms and said, "I was dizzy all the time, I was itchy I was getting terrible hand cramps and left cramps it was uncontrollable. I was miserable."

Her primary care physician diagnosed her with thyroid condition but didn't make the connection. Several months later she suffered with severe hip pain. She described her experience. "I laid in bed for about three weeks, and finally said, this isn't going away"

After she saw the commercial featuring the DePuy hip implant recall, and surfed the web she made the connection and called her orthopedic surgeon in June.  In July she had revision surgery, and is now involved in a claims process for those with DePuy ASR metal on metal hips

Kasper's Attorney, Ilyas Sayeg of Maglio, Christopher & Toale said of the people involved, "These are people whose hips have failed and they've made a claim or have a claim pending against Johnson & Johnson." The product was officially recalled by Johnson & Johnson in 2010. "They had a lot of information telling them that patients were having a lot of problems with these things." Said Sayeg. "None of that information actually made it to the patients or the surgeons who were implanting these."

Kasper to this day has symptoms, and she questions why nobody told her of the problems associated with the implants.

The offer to resolve disputes over the DePuy ASR hip implant is important because, people finally have an opportunity to get some compensation, around $250,000 dollars for injuries resulting from a metal on metal hip.

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