ADHD, not just for children

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Hyperactivity, impulsiveness and the inability to focus are symptoms that you or your child may have ADHD.  Until recently children displaying these signs were written off as bad seeds, but now attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is recognized as a real neurological problem.

"Back then they just said you were bad, you were just a bad kid." This is what Ben Ford was told as a child. "I was very hyper, just couldn't sit still, things like that."

What is now recognized as ADHD was considered bad behavior, he said. "It prevented me from going to regular school, because I couldn't sit still long enough to keep up with the other kids." His four year old daughter Skyla was recently diagnosed, he suspects she inherited her ADHD from him.

Her mom Cortezza Sellers says she knew something was wrong

"When she was a few years younger her hands would still be going, I had to repeat everything and she couldn't focus on anything." She explained, "I pretty much thought it was ADHD, when doctors were telling me it wasn't, so, but I found out it was."

The first medication Skyla took was Tenex, ia high blood pressure medication also used to treat young children with ADHD. It gave her too many side effects.

"She was very paranoid, lots of side effects that I wasn't happy with, she uldnt go to the bathroom by herself, she couldn't be in the living room by herself."

But Sellers didn't give up and now she is on a different medication with less side effects.

"She is taking more pills during the day, but, she's better." Said Sellers.

Her dad is also getting help, and is on medications that ease his symptoms. He said, "I can function better I can slow down to do things that I need to do to take care of myself and my family."

Sellers said that ADHD is a very real problem that needs diagnoses and treatment. "There is ADHD because my child has it," She added, "And doing nothing is not the answer,she's not just bad, she has a problem and if parents see where their children have a problem don't let some doctor or anyone else tell you there is not, be diligent."

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