A new APP helps evaluate concussion

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Fall athletes are suiting up and action is heating up for high school sports across the country.  But, that also means players are at an increased risk for concussion when they take the field.

Doctors still don’t have a good way to test for concussions but now there’s an ‘APP’ for that.  And, it’s helping injured athletes return to play safely.

Whether it’s football or soccer concussions are reality in contact sports. Doctors still don’t have a standard test to detect or evaluate concussions but Cleveland Clinic Researchers have created an ‘APP’ to help.

More than 16-thousand fall athletes were tested with the APP before their seasons started to get baseline readings for balance, reaction time, memory and vision. They’ll be tested again if they suffer a concussion and results are compared.

During the test a tablet computer with the APP is attached to an athlete’s back to pick up subtle movement not seen by the naked eye. it also provides doctors with unbiased data and a better idea of when it’s safe for a player to return.

The APP is being used at over 5o high schools across North East Ohio and in Iowa. There are also a handful of colleges using the APP to evaluate concussions this fall.

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