A feel good place for Suncoast women with symtoms of chemotherapy and surgery following cancer

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They close their doors from nine to noon every couple of months as support for women that have had breast cancer.

A special focus at Lasting Looks is Oncology Esthetics. A portion of our facility is dedicated primarily to the support and recovery of all those living with cancer.

Lasting looks of Sarasota offers hope to women who have experienced the side effects of both surgery, and medication by performing services that improve not only the way they feel, but the way they look.

The biggest impact on women diagnosed with cancer are the loss of hair or their breasts. Women that have had reconstruction following mastectomy can have areola/nipple restoration. And permanent make-up is used for the loss of eye-brows, eye-lashes and more.

But, this is just small part of the feel good services offered at this Sarasota facility. Scar revision, massage therapy and nutritional counseling are performed there.

Lasting Looks is a satellite office for the Center for Building Hope who refers women for the free workshops conducted called "Bosom Buddies"

For information on the program go to their website:

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