Married vs. Single: Which is Healthier?

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SARASOTA, FL  (WWSB) - There's nothing like Valentine's Day to make you very aware of your relationship status! When it comes to being healthy - there are some benefits to be married and some to being single. 

For example, a 2013 study (from the Journal of Clinical Oncology) found that being married may improve your chance of surviving cancer; a 2014 study (from the American College of Cardiology) found that married people do have a lower risk for heart disease AND healthier blood vessels. However, there are some downsides if you're in an unhappy marriage - couples can have higher stress levels (which we know affects your overall health) and higher rates of depression. 

Don't worry, there are still plenty of positives for being single! For example, single adults get a much better quality of sleep - they aren't woken up by a snoring partner or someone who steals all the bed covers. If you're single, you're also more likely to be motivated to work out more and eat better - in order to attract your future significant other.