Having babies too expensive? How to get ahead!

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(WWBT) - Pregnancy is a blessing-- but it also means more responsibility-- financially.

   Remember, the cost of having a baby is just the start down a long road of expenses in the cost of raising a child.

   Childbirth costs vary by hospital and by state, and complicated births can add thousands of dollars.

  Financial website NerdWallet compiled the data on just the cost of having a baby in the U-S and found the average cost for delivery and care for the mothers was around $13,524 dollars.

   AND for newborns IT'S $3,660!

   Cherry Dale with the Virginia Credit Union says the key is to plan, plan, plan.

She said if you do not plan, you're going to end up going into debt to make all of that happen and that's the worst thing you can do, financially.

   Figure out what you really need for a nursery-- put everything you can on your registry so friends and family can help out.

   Childcare may be a necessity.

   Start early-- try to find the right fit for your family.

Also so you can plan ahead for the new weekly expense you'll soon have.

   You may  also want to consider creating a 529 for your child... to help save for college.

   Putting in money each year not only helps to create a fund for the future, but it's a tax write off for you. You can receive up to 4-thousand per child each year-when you file your state taxes.

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