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Gong Bath Yoga

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BUFFALO, NY (WWSB) - Yoga lovers around the country are finding a new form  of meditation - set to the beat of the gong. It's called "Gong Bath Yoga" here at Yoga Parkside in Buffalo, New York,  and the sounds gently bathe nearly-sleeping listeners for 45 minutes as they lay peacefully on mats on the floor in the dark.  

"Being immersed in it live has this really far out experience over people and you feel like you are floating away and it's very peaceful and you start to find ypour way back to your authentic self, " says Megan Callahan, Owner, Yoga Parkside. 

Gong meditation is starting to pick up across the country, after some research we did find one location here on the Suncoast, The Prana Yoga & Healing Center in Sarasota.