Faster Prostate Cancer Treatment

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Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men but when caught early, is highly treatable.

One Ohio man diagnosed with the disease didn’t have time to waste and went with a quicker treatment perfect for the tick-tock of his clock.  Earlier this year when 69-year-old Alan Briggs was diagnosed with prostate cancer he wasn’t interested in lengthy treatments.

He chose stereotactic body radiation or S-B-R-T at Cleveland Clinic. A more targeted, potent dose of radiation in just 5 treatments.

During the procedure, the prostate moves, so markers are placed inside the prostate to track it. doctors can give quicker, more precise doses to the prostate only while avoiding healthy tissue around it.

About 6 months out, Biggs is doing well and has plenty of time for the things he loves.

Select centers across the country are using S-B-R-T to treat prostate cancer.  S-B-R-T can also be used to treat other cancers including lung, spine and liver.

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