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Drones could reach heart attack victims faster than ambulances

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Drones replacing ambulances in the future?

Swedish scientists tested whether a drone could be used to rush defibrillators to people suffering heart attacks.

The Karolinska Institute study found that drones beat ambulance time by about 16 minutes.

Researchers sent drones to 18 locations within about a 6 mile radius in Stockholm where EMTs had responded to cardiac arrests between 2006 and 2013.

The results published in JAMA show that dispatchers got a drone in the air within a median time of three seconds of the emergency call, compared to three minutes for an ambulance.

The median drone arrival time was a little more than five minutes from time of call, versus 22 minutes for the ambulance.

The idea is that bystanders on the scene of an emergency situation will use the defibrillators delivered via drone on the person in cardiac arrest.