Countering effects of holiday excess

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A new study has found that daily exercise lessens many of the harmful physiological effects of short-term overeating and inactivity.

Researchers at the University of Bath asked 26 healthy young men to be generally inactive in their daily activities. Half of the study group then exercised daily on a treadmill for 45 minutes. Researchers asked everyone to overeat. They found that the exercising group increased their caloric intake by 75 percent, and the non-exercising group increased by 50 percent.

After one week, the researchers measured everyone’s blood insulin and biopsied fat tissue. The non-exercising group showed a significant and unhealthy decline in their blood sugar control, and their fat cells were overexpressing genes linked to unhealthy metabolic changes and were under-expressing genes involved in well-functioning metabolism. On the other hand, the exercising group had stable blood sugar levels and their fat cells showed less 'undesirable' genetic expression.

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