Lauren Dorsett gets out of the studio and onto a race-horse

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Lauren Dorsett may not have been on a horse for years, but it didn't take long for Flying Patriot to become her biggest fan.

Lauren as you may know is quite an athlete, but meeting a 16.2, (pretty big) lol! off the track. Thoroughbred weighing more than 1100 pounds can be a little daunting. But, not to be discouraged, she whispered a couple of words in his ear and the race-horse gently dropped his head and allowed her to put the bit in his mouth.

Now, don't for one minute think that this horse is a push-over. Patriot is related to Secretariat, (the horse owning the fastest time in the Triple Crown) and recently he showed off a little of that spunk when he got bored and decided break out of his paddock, hop a few fences, and gallop off to play with his buddies at the Sarasota Polo Club. But Patriot is a ladies man, and when he saw Lauren he was smitten.

Lauren Dorsett gets out of the studio and onto a race-horse1

I was also a little apprehensive as I could hear my boss's voice in my mind saying. "Alix, if anything happens to Lauren....." Well, you get the drift.

Now, if Lauren was nervous, I couldn't tell. They walked over to the mounting block, she grabbed the reigns an swung her leg over landing light as a feather.

Patriot, who is normally alert, stood at attention, his ears up in the air looking like he was ready for a nap. His head was hanging low, his lower jaw open and relaxed, and his eyes were almost closed.

She gave a little encouragement and he moved easily off her leg. They walked for a few minutes then picked up a trot and had a perfect ride.

Fellow animal lovers will often express that you can judge a persons nature by the way their animals react to them. In the case of Lauren Dorsett, I concur, Flying Patriot is right on the money.

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