Facial Lasers Have Come a Long Way– Which One is Right for You?

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At SkinSmart Dermatology we offer several laser treatments including Fraxel re:pair®SmartXide DOT® and eMatrix™ Sublative Rejuvenation™. Although all treatments use fractional resurfacing technology, there are important differences between them, and what’s right for you might not be right for the next person.

For example, if your primary concern is wrinkles around the eyes, the Smartxide DOT might be the right choice. eMatrix or SmartXide DOT might also be your choice if minimal downtime is more important to you than getting results in a single treatment. Conversely, Fraxel re:pair might be better if you want results in a single treatment.

Overall, fractional lasers offer a low-risk way to rejuvenate the skin, but the amount of and length of downtime  differs by laser and by individual, so SkinSmart requires that each patient be evaluated during a consultation at our offices. Once you have discussed your skin concerns, we will examine your skin and recommend the best procedure for your skin and your desired outcome.

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