Health website to remain a work in progress

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MIAMI (AP) — Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (seh-BEEL'-yuhs) says the HealthCare.gov website will still be a work in progress beyond the end of the month, appearing to soften a promise that the site will be working by then for the vast majority of users.

Sebelius told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Nov. 30 was, quote, "not a magic go, no go date. It is a work of constant improvement."

She said the administration had some very specific things that needed to be completed by the 30th and that improvements were being made weekly.

Sebelius was in Florida to address the fallout over the new health care law's paltry enrollment figures and continuing website problems.

Obama administration officials have said the website will be running smoothly for the "vast majority of users" by Nov. 30.