Prescribed: A personalized tour of Obamacare

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The Wall Street Journal published an interactive piece entitlted “Prescribed: A personalized tour of Obamacare“ with the tagline of "Explore how America’s health-care overhaul will affect you on this first-person adventure."

How is it "personalized" you ask? Well, in the “Is My Employer Affected” section, this feature explains the differences between employers with 50 or more employees and ones with fewer.

Later in the interactive presentation, a manager approaches the camera and tells you “we need to talk about your hours”. By asking you how many hours a week you work, it attempts to really draw you in and make the journey into this explanatory video feel personalised and on point.

For delivering information about a complex topic, Prescribed is a compelling format and worth your time.

You can check it out here: Prescribed at