Green Sea Turtle nests more than double

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SARASOTA COUNTY, FL - The Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission says the count on 26 state beaches of Green Sea Turtles rose to more than 25,000 this year. That's more than double the previous year. In 1989 less than 500 were found.

Locally, turtle trackers with Mote Marine Laboratories say they saw 30 Green Sea Turtle nests this year. That's up from 14. "We think it's great news that the numbers are up," says Hayley Rutger with Mote. "To everyone that has played a role in keeping the beaches natural for the turtles its a great thing they have done."

Kevin Baxter with FWC says the only reason they can come to as to why the numbers are up is years of conservation efforts. Including having the turtle placed on the endangered species list. "It's hard to pinpoint a specific reason behind it. One thing you see over time are the conservation efforts that have been in place."

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