Global warming in Florida may make you itch.

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We have heard that climate change and, in particular, global warming may have a variety of impacts to the earths inhabitants.  Some of the ramifications suggested are impacts on hurricane strength, droughts, wild fire seasons, thunderstorm strength and other more slow to notice effects like changes in the growing seasons.  But now researchers are suggesting that one of earths inhabitants will thrive in the new warmer world. 

Poison Ivy is thought to be one of the survivors in the race to adapt to the rapidly evolving planet.  While many species of plant and animals will suffer from the rise in temperature that will occur at a rate much faster that evolutionary history, the poison ivy plant has already shown an increase in the size and potency of those irritating leaves.  And Florida is the perfect environment for the proliferation of the plant. 

The green house gas carbon dioxide and the warmer temperatures are expected to provide zones for the plant to expand into.  These zones include coastal plains.  So Floridians, get ready.

John Scalzi