What's up, Joey? Suncoast weekend wrap-up, February 3rd

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SARASOTA, Fla. - While everyone was tuned into the Super Bowl, I was spotting celebrities left and right last week. Plus I took a moment this week to literally step out of my comfort zone.

White Buffalo Saloon just celebrated their one year anniversary of line dancing lessons and the crowds just keep coming.

“Line dancing, here in Sarasota, has been few and far between,” says instructor Tim Schalch. “The White Buffalo has opened up a whole new niche market, so the response has been great. People have really been coming from all over the pace. The line dance classes have been just blowing up so the response has been great.”

“We do different levels of lessons from very beginner to advanced, so if you have two left feet, you can definitely come out a learn a couple dances and once you feel like you can improve on your skill level you can move up as far as that’s concerned.”

Regardless of skill level, the crowd had a great time the night I stopped out, although I happened to bring a secret weapon. “Boots are imperative. In order to move around on this dance floor, you definitely have to have boots. And you want to fit in.”

You can find the schedule of line dance lessons at the White Buffalo at Line Dance Central on mysuncoast.com.

Supporters of Sarasota Opera took to disguises this weekend as they attend the Masked Ball Gala, as captured by Cliff Roles Photography. If you thought you had a hard time recognizing the gala crowd as it is, you had a good excuse as the donors and patrons embraced the masquerade theme.

Hollywood film actor Luke Wilson made an appearance in Sarasota to speak to the college audience about his filmmaking experience. I caught up with Luke after his tour of the college’s campus, and he seemed impressed by the students’ initiatives.

“Just the focus is pretty incredible,” Wilson observed. “I think just the difference between a huge lecture hall on something that you have to take as opposed to something that you feel passionate about…you can just feel the difference.”

We talked about the changes in Hollywood filmmaking and even how production has changed with the growth of companies like Netflix doing their own production. “There have always been one or two really great shows on,” said Wilson. “But now there’s so many, and so many great people are doing them so I think it’s definitely something good that’s happening again.”

And speaking of celebrities, this week was full of them.

As I mentioned last week, Broadway star and recording artist Linda Eder gave a one night concert at the Van Wezel. Some fans got to see her afterward. I myself did not, but that’s fine. I’m not bitter.

And I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard grumblings that Michael Kors has been spotted around town lately. Now this cannot be confirmed nor denied but I’ve heard a rumor that he recently purchased a home in the area. As to the validity of this rumor, we’ll just have to see if our Michael Kors sightings increase over time.

As always if you spot Michael Kors, or anyone else for that matter, send me a photo to pix@mysuncoast.com.