What's up, Joey? Mobile apps demanding more and more of our time

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Like it or not, we are in a generation where people are spending the majority of their time staring at the screens of their mobile devices.

The tech site TechCrunch posted a study this year saying that users are now spending 2 hours and 42 minutes per day on mobile devices.

So what are people doing on their phones?

Well, that same report stated that of those 2 hours and 42 minutes, 2 hours and 19 minutes of that time is spent on mobile applications.

That’s a lot of time!

And app developers have taken notice.

Social media apps have remained popular with Facebook and Instagram offering a convenient mobile way to share your photos and other content.

And some of our favorite e-commerce sites like Amazon and ebay have made it very easy to spend a little cash from your phone.

And those aren’t the only ones that are thriving.

We’ve got health apps that track your calorie count, your workouts, even your heart rate.

But what other types of apps are growing?

“Niche apps that are solving key problems,” says tech entrepreneur Janis Krums. “People are finding what their pain point might be, and they’re starting to use dedicated apps for those things, instead of one thing that does everything.”

Some of those pain points include food delivery, ordering groceries, even ordering a taxi.

“There’s Uber where you can quickly book a taxi or a black car,” says Krums. “For booking a hotel room or things like that, there’s Airbnb and HotelTonight. So simple apps that are taking out the everyday problems people might have when they travel or they’re at home and they quickly want to find a solution.”

We’re even starting to see payment being made through apps like Square Wallet or Settle up.

Local developer Stefan Wild has developed an app called Spoilr that allows you to chat with other members about your favorite television shows without revealing upcoming plot secrets.

“I think it’s a new technology still and we’re getting used to our daily habits with it,” says Wild. “It has a lot of possibilities and we still have to learn how to use them and incorporate them into our daily lives.”

So next time you see someone with their face buried in their phone, keep in mind… they may be doing something extremely important… like ordering pizza.

Joey Panek social media