What's up, Joey? Men's hair trends

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It wasn’t that long ago that when someone mentioned a trip to the beauty shop, the most common image would’ve been a group of ladies sitting around gabbing.

You would’ve rarely if ever thought of a group of men pampering themselves on a day of beauty. Barber shops were for the boys and beauty shops were for the ladies. And spending time on your appearance was the least masculine thing you could do.

Well, my friends, as they say… the times they are a-changin’.

When asked about his grooming, Sarasota resident Kellen Braren demonstrates that. “All in all, I’d say it probably breaks down to about half an hour to forty-five minutes a day. Every three days I spend a good hour on just grooming.”

And he’s not the only one. Barber shops and high end salons are seeing an influx of men willing to spend a little more time and money for more grooming services.

“It seems like it’s a trend that we’re taking care of ourselves more," Braren says. "You’re hanging out with friends, and they’ll talk about how they’re spending a little more on their haircuts.”

“I’ve seen a lot of guys come in today who are coming with pictures of popular, current cuts and they’re asking for the trendy things," says Jim Horwith, owner of Classic Barbers in Sarasota. For hairstyles, "they like the shaved parts. They like the side part pompadours. They’re using a variety of products and they’re putting a lot of effort into looking good.”

Barber shops are offering more custom services for the guys, while the high end salons are noticing the trend as well.

“We’re seeing men really start to pay attention to themselves, not only in the hair arena, but in the skin arena," says Terry McKee, one of the owners of Nuovo Salons in Sarasota. "Because it’s become a very competitive market, and a lot of men are seeing these younger guys nipping at their heels. We’re also seeing it in the body department. There’s waxing, there’s manicures, there’s pedicures. It’s funny, but more than manicures, men love pedicures. Because it makes you feel perfectly groomed.”

Considering that in the rest of the animal kingdom, the males preen and groom themselves just as much as the females, I for one am thrilled to send this trend coming on strong.