What's up, Joey? Looking forward to the wedding season

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- This weekend was filled with Kentucky Derby parties, the Sarasota YMCA gala, and Asolo Rep’s annual event, Men Who Cook, with our own Chef Judi. All of these events have one thing in common. They signify the end of the social gala season.

Now we look ahead to another season… wedding season!

Throughout history, the act of marriage has been celebrated. From the earliest days when it was a more primitive ceremony to the lavish weddings of the present, the union of two people has been an occasion to commemorate.

Many of the ceremony’s acts have remained constant, but the look and feeling has changed with the trends of the era. From bridesmaids dresses to wedding bouquets, we’ve seen styles come and go.

“I’m seeing a classic wedding coming back, which is really good,” says wedding planner Nicole Kaney. We were rustic before in the last few years, but now we’re seeing really classic and elegant. Another thing we’re seeing is gold. Lots of gold everywhere. In a recent wedding, we had gold water glasses, gold silverware, and gold chargers. Even the cake had gold on it. That’s a big detail. I think it’s very royal and beautiful, so we’re seeing a lot of that.”

Another thing we can expect to see at this year’s weddings is more greenery.

Kaney refers to a recent wedding that had greenery throughout the ceremony arch, in the flowers, and throughout the bride’s bouquet.

“People before were doing minimal, so lots of candles. Maybe they were making some of their own centerpieces, but now I’m seeing very lush, beautiful arrangements.”

You can also mark your calendars that this year is the return of the linen.

Kaney says to look for all kinds of linens with different textures and different colors.

“The more linens, the better right now.”

As technology develops, we’re seeing more weddings that either embrace it completely or block it. Some weddings are even going unplugged, where they will request the guests turn off their phones or leave them home altogether.

On the flip side, some bride and grooms are embracing technology by setting up their own hashtags and using the latest social media apps.

Kaney says that Instagram is the most popular social media app for weddings.

“They’re using the hashtag and posting on Instagram. It’s fun, and then you have your own little album. I think it’s a great thing, and if my bride is using a hashtag then I’ll use it as well. The next day, it’s very fun to see all of the different photos and the different moments that maybe a guest captured that the bride didn’t necessarily see.”

If the wedding has an established hashtag, make sure to use it with any photos you upload, and again at the couple’s discretion, if they ask you to turn off your phone… it’s best to respect their wishes.

One thing I really took away from my time with Nicole was this: The most important trend to follow is the one that speaks to your own personal style.

Wedding table

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