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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - April is almost over and May is fast approaching. At Suncoast View we know how fast a month can go take some time and slow down! Here are our top 3 ways for YOU to slow down during this last week of the month.

1.Look for a Craft

Crafting takes time and concentration...there’s no better way to slow down! Lucky for you, there are so many different ways you can craft on the Suncoast. The Maker’s Market and Workshop is a great place to make your own DIY projects and we got to craft with them right here on the show! Take a look…

Suncoast View 4/13/18 Makers Market Candlesticks

The Makers Market in Bradenton joins us with a DIY candlestick craft!

2. Look for a Viral Picture

Another great way to slow down is by scrolling through viral pet pictures - there’s something so soothing about seeing a smiling puppy, isn’t there? If you love a good puppy picture, we’re sure you’ve seen Stella the dog. We got to chat with the people who made it happen. Take a look…

Suncoast View 4/17/18 Stella Sarasota Photo Studio

Stella the dog poses in this cute photo that some clever Photoshoppers had fun with!

3. Look for Smooth Jazz

Jazz is such a calming sound and is a great way to slow it down. Take time and find some quality jazz music. We discovered a fantastic jazz group (and family) right here on the Suncoast! We’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do. Take a look…

Suncoast View 4/6/18 Vinyl Lovers Trio

Vinyl Lovers Trio performs live on Suncoast View. 

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