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Times Square is getting ready to ring in 2018

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NEW YORK, NY (CNN) - Workers are busy installing crystal triangles on the ball that will descend onto Times Square this New Year's Eve.

When it's finished, it will be covered with more than 2,600 Waterford Crystal triangles.

This year, there are crystals cut to resemble butterflies, rosettes, starbursts as well as diamonds and wedges.

Each one is bolted to an aluminum frame, along with thousands of LED lights.

The nearly 12,000 pound ball is sturdy, designed to withstand the weather and the elements as it hangs above NYC.

It can display more than 16 million colors and billions of patterns.

New Yorkers have been dropping a mirrored and lighted ball in Times Square since 1907.

It's happened every year except 1942 and 1943, when New York City was under "dimout" orders because of World War II.