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In The Spotlight: Holocaust instruments are played in the 'Violins Of Hope' concert

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When the Israeli philharmonic orchestra was created in Israel in 1976, Jewish musicians from Germany came. Many brought instruments from the holocaust. Amnon Weinstein's father, a world class violin maker, bought all that were put up for sale.

"We repaired them from scratch. There is one violin here that took me a year and a half to repair."

They wanted to preserve the violins so they could tell the story of those who'd played them and lost their lives.

"Many of them were used by Jewish people in the ghettos, in the camps everywhere. Some we know exactly the owner and some we don't know the owner but we know they have been in these atrocities ."

Amnon's son, also a master violin maker says these violins help us understand the enormous tragedy of the holocaust.

"We can understand a single persons story. We can understand the story of this guy one of the first violin makers later had a string factory in Holland, killed on 22 May of 1944."

Each violin has a story.

"What we try to do is we bring individual stories something you can relate to. You can hear the violin, you can see the violin, you can touch the violin, you can see a photo of the person who played it."