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In The Spotlight: "Born Yesterday"

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Broadway star Christina DeCicco plays 'Billie Dawn' in 'Born Yesterday'. She has played some big parts along the way.

"I was in the original cast of 'Sister Act' and I was also a principal roll in 'Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark' on Broadway.

She loves the role of 'Billie Dawn' .

Norm Boucher plays ' Harry Brock.'

'Harry Brock is a junk manufacturer millionaire. He built an empire on scrap iron and he is trying to build a cartel le of international scrape merchants and he comes to Washington to try and buy some international influence."

He brings along his girlfriend, Billy Dawn and he hires a young reporter to teach her how to behave properly in society. But most importantly, he discovers himself.

"He actually ends up being educated about himself, what life is really about and his heart."

"Born Yesterday" plays at the Asolo Repertory theater through April 15.