What's Up, Joey? Picking an engagement ring

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As many of you couples out there already know, picking out the right diamond ring to pop the big question is no easy task. What kind of ring should I get? What diamond will suit the two of us? How much is this gonna cost?

These kinds of questions concern any couple taking the next big step in their relationship, and it’s up to diamond jewelers to come up with the right solutions. And as time goes on, these dealers have noticed the changes in diamond ring trends.

“Diamonds go by cuts, so in the ‘70s and ‘80s the cuts were the marquise design, which is a very narrow cut,” says Adora Thompson, co-owner of I Do Diamond Ring Boutique on St. Armand’s Circle in Sarasota. “Then it went into the square cut, which is the princess cut, and now we’re in the current trend of rounds and cushion cuts. Cushion cuts are square, but they look like a little pillow. They cut off the edges, and they cut it around so you get all that fire and scintillation that everybody loves in a diamond.”

Joey's Wedding Ring

The trends in purchasing that diamond ring have also changed a lot, as jewelers have noticed that men often let women know beforehand what the diamond will look like.

“Men used to purchase them without the women knowing what they look like, and now 90 percent of the time, those women want what they want, so it’s not such a good idea to do that anymore,” advises Thompson. “I see way too many remounts because somebody came in and said, ‘Yeah, he didn’t buy me what I wanted, so now I really need to get what I want.’”

Many jewelers can also give you a good idea of what a custom diamond and ring matching will look like, using a 3D computer program to show how it will look in real life.

But just as important as how the ring will look is knowing your budget, and letting your jeweler know what you’re willing to spend.

“That allows your jeweler to be able to really focus in on the best value for your money,” says Thompson. “That’s a really important purchase, and we want to give you the best possible [value].”

Jewelers are also gaining a brand new group of customers thanks to gay marriages being on the rise. Thompson feels this new audience has given jewelers the opportunity to experiment with all new types of engagement rings.

“They’re going tungsten, ceramic, stainless, diamonds, not diamonds, colored stones in them; it’s kind of the sky’s the limit.”

With all of these new types of rings and unique ways to purchase them, your local jeweler can help make the biggest decision of your life a little more convenient. Now let’s just hope the answer is “yes” when you pull out that $3,500 purchase.

Adora's Four Tips For Buying an Engagement Ring

1. Know what your loved one wants in a diamond ring.

If he or she likes a specific setting or color in metals, know what they are.

2. Snap a photo of a ring your loved one likes.

If you have a photo on your phone of their ideal ring, this can help your jeweler immensely.

3. Know your budget.

It's a big world of diamonds and this allows your jeweler to focus on the best value for your money.

4. Trust your jeweler.

Once you find the jeweler you connect with, trust him or her. A good jeweler wants you to leave feeling better than when you came in after making such an important purchase.