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What's up, Joey? Blow dry bars

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Most trends start from a new twist on something familiar. Or in this case, hyper focusing on one particular service. That is very true of the new trend blow dry bars.

From London to the West Coast to now all across the country, women are popping into blow dry bars. These bars specialize in just that… blowdrying.

“Women now are very busy," explains Karen Galkoff, owner of Fringe Spa Salon in Sarasota. "We have children. We have full-time jobs. We literally want to pop in. We want to get our hair done, in and out. Very quickly. And this is perfect.”

"We do have a lot of women here that are working women," explains Savannah Sonderman, assistant manager of Simply Spoiled in Sarasota. "They don't have a lot of time in their day. They want to get their hair done and get out the door. So I think that's a big part of it."

While Fringe has remained a full service salon, they've maintained a specific Blow Dry Menu as part of their services. By specializing in the blow dry service, the salons are able to accommodate tight schedules, explains Galkoff.

“We’re looking at about 30 minutes, depending on what they want. Obviously all styles are different but we say between 30 and 45 minutes. We can have you out, ready to go.”

While some ladies will space out their normal color and cut appointments, many will make the blow out part of their normal routine.

“A lot of professionals like to have their hair done once or twice a week," says Angelique Still, manager of Simply Spoiled. "It eliminates a lot of hassle for them, because the blow dry usually lasts about three to four days.”

Sara Black, a British native who now resides on Siesta Key agrees.

“People are getting used to the idea that you don’t have to wait eight weeks to have your hair done,” says Black. You can go in any time, have your hair done, and you look great. Like you've had your cut and your color done, but it's just your blow dry."

It does prove a gamble for salons to make the switch to strictly blow drying as they have the potential to lose some of their more profitable services. But clients, like Julie Tanner of Sarasota enjoy the flexibility.

"You don't have to make an appointment months or weeks in advance," says Tanner. "Spur of the moment, if you want your hair done or you have something coming up, you can do it. You can just call up and get it done right away, that's the best appeal."

In addition to the convenience, many women enjoy it for another reason, explains Black. "The appeal is when you're talking to someone, the one thing they say is your face and your hair. If I can't do my hair that great... if I'm going out somewhere with friends or whatever it might be, I want to look and feel great. And the way for me to do it is to go and have my hair done. A blow dry, that's it. And I'm off."