Sarasota Film Festival announces winners

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- The 2014 Sarasota Film Festival is now in the books, having screened 252 films and played host to more than 100 filmmakers and actors during its 10-day run. Sunday night's program included the annual awards presentation, often a major highlight of the festival. Without further ado, the winners are:

Narrative Feature Competition Winner

"Ida" -- Director: Pawel Pawlikowski

Narrative Feature Competition Special Jury Prize for Ensemble Acting

"We Are The Best!" -- Director: Lukas Moodysson

Documentary Feature Competition

"Happy Valley" -- Director: Amir Bar-Lev

Documentary Feature Competition Special Jury Prize For Direction

"Rich Hill" -- Director: Tracy Droz Tragos & Andrew Droz Palermo

Independent Vision Prize Winners

Independent Vision Prize

"Thou Wast Mild and Lovely" -- Director: Josephine Decker

Outstanding Performance Award

"Joy Kevin" 

Actor – Tallie Medel

Director – Caleb Johnson

Best Ensemble Award

"BFE" -- Director: Shawn Telford

Audience Awards

Best Narrative Feature

"Ping Pong Summer" -- Director: Michael Tully

Best Documentary Feature

"Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon" -- Director: Mike Myers

Audience Award: Best Short Film

"Chub" -- Director: Samuel Albis

Audience Award: Best In World Cinema

"Bicycling with Moléire" -- Director: Philippe le Guay