Last chance to fill out your Oscar ballot before Sunday's show

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- The 87th Annual Academy Awards -- aka, The Oscars -- are almost here, with this year's version of Hollywood's most glamorous night taking place this Sunday, Feb. 22 (coverage starts at 7 p.m. on ABC 7 WWSB). The 2015 race has some clear front-runners (Julianne Moore, J.K. Simmons) and long shots (anyone think Marion Cotillard has a shot? Nope, didn't think so), but it's a real race in many of the biggest categories. 

And let's be honest: a big part of the fun of watching the Oscars is seeing if your picks for Best Picture, Best Actress and all the rest match those of the Academy. It almost never happens, and the controversy the show generates among movie fans is one reasons it's become a must-see event event each and every year.

This year, the Academy is giving fans the chance to fill out their own Oscar ballot online and then share it with friends via social media. (Click here to fill out your Oscar ballot.) ABC 7 will be sharing our ballot later in the week, and we hope you'll share yours with us. Then tune in on Oscar night and follow along with us on Twitter (@MySuncoast) as we all find out the winners together. (You can also stay up to speed on all the winners by going here. We'll update the page throughout the night.)

And if you just want to print out a ballot without all the digital bells and whistles, movie ticket retailer Fandango has a nice printable version available here.

One last piece of advice: Before you fill out your ballot, be sure to check out the recent reports by ABC 7 Media Critic Daniel Feingold, who has been breaking down all the major categories during his Critically Inclined appearances. He's got the behind the scenes scoop on how this year's races are shaping up, and he's sure to give you a leg up in your office Oscar poll. Here's the links:

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