You're in "Trouble" - no "Askin' Questions"

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Uh oh! We’ve got “TROUBLE” on our hands. I bet you’re going to be “ASKIN’ QUESTIONS” shortly. If you weren’t with us last Thursday, then you missed these two line dances that rocked the floor. Here’s a list of what was taught on February 13th.


Fishin’ in the Dark – music: Fishin’ in the Dark by Emerson Drive – beginner level


Trouble – music: Trouble by Travis Tritt – beginner level



Askin’ Questions – music: Askin’ Questions by Brady Seals – Intermediate level



Thunder Foot (Copperhead Road) – music: Copperhead Road by Steve Earle – Beginner/Intermediate level

Be sure to check out the videos of each lesson as these songs/dances will continue to rock the dance floor with Tim Schalch and ABC 7's Line Dance Central