Time to Celebrate!

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Dancers of all ages attend the White Buffalo Saloon on Thursday evenings for line dance lessons. It was a very special night as line dance instructor, Tim Schalch's grandmother wanted to spend her 90th Birthday at the saloon. It was a special moment when Tim announced his "G-mommas" birthday as the entire place went up in a roar and all wished her a Happy Birthday.

The White Buffalo Saloon hosts many celebrations from Birthday parties to Debutante's to work parties and all the above. Its a great venue and an even better atmosphere - especially when lessons are being taught.

This past week, Tim reviewed a few dances and of course brought another new dance to the dance floor. Here's the line-up from last weeks lesson.

*NEW* Look Good in My Shirt - beginner level danced to Look Good in My Shirt by Keith Urban (Choreographer unknown)


Hick Town - beginner level danced to Hick Town by Jason Aldean (Choreographer unknown)


I Brake for Brunettes - beginner level danced to I Brake for Brunettes by Rhett Akins (Choreographer unknown)

Red Solo Cup - intermediate level danced to Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith (Choreographer: Donna Manning)


Be sure to check out the videos of each lesson as these songs/dances will continue to rock the dance floor with Tim Schalch and ABC 7's Line Dance Central. And remember to always bring your #Countryswag.